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Useful algorithims for clinical trails

testfire is essentially a testing method for math functions in Ruby. It has often been said that nature favors randomness. Understanding how random events can sometimes yield benificial outcomes is the basis for this code.

There are several applications for randomness in healthcare. Although mostly limited to epedimiology and research, there are also real world examples in which the understanding of random events can ultimately prove benificial. Researchers often have to quickly search through various permutations in order to achieve an optimal combination.


testfire is a simple program and will be extended as time allows. There is some crossover between the ruby language and R especially when analyzing data. Nonetheless, it is useful to understand when and where to employ randomness functions.

One of the most notable applications of randomness in healthcare is that of randomized clinical trials (RCT)s. While several submethods exist within randomizing experiments, a general understanding on how these methods are created could aid one in later explaining why they are utilized.